Recycled Materials

EPA Environmental Champion Award

We are so proud to have been awarded the prestigious Environmental Champion Award by the EPA for Region 2 in 2016 for our use of eco-friendly materials in our products.  Nominated by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), the award honors "environmental trailblazers" who have significantly contributed to improving the environment and protecting public health.  


100% Recycled PET Felt & Pillow Inserts

Ever wonder what heppened to all those water bottles after you tossed them in the recycling bin?

Some of them became a pillow.

All of the felt and pillow inserts used in alexandra ferguson products is made from 100% recycled plastic PET containers.  

Let's do some math!

It takes 10 average sized water bottles to make 1lb of fiber.  

Our medium sized pillows weigh 1.6lbs.  Which means on average our pillows (complete with their inserts) represent about 16 recycled bottles!

Ready for some serious math?

Based on our current volume, we estimate that we are using 250,000 (thats a QUARTER MILLION) bottles in our products per year.  You can be proud, with every pillow that you buy, to be helping to contribute to that incredible success story.

And if that weren't cool enough, both the felt and the inserts are made domestically.  It can't get any better than that!


100% Organic Cotton Canvas

We originally introduced a crisp woven material as a base material for our pillows for our customers in the south who wanted a 'cooler' appearance in their hot climate. Today, our canvas-based pillows are popular in all regions, North AND South, and come in a variety of colors including Stone, Navy Blue, Black and Pumpkin Orange.  We love the play on textures when it's mixed with the recycled felt letters.  

We also use this material for our juicy little Small and Medium Travel Cases, as well as our Everyday Tote Bags.


100% Hemp and 100% Linen

Our Cream canvas is made from 100% hemp.  Known for it's exceptional strength (think, hemp twine), the plants generally are grown without any use of pesticides since they are naturally resistant to most insects.  

Linen fabric, grown from the flax plant, and used in our French Blue, Flax, Tangerine, and Graphite pillows and table linens, has very similar inherant eco qualities to hemp, including the ability to be grown without pesticides and with very little irrigation.  



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