Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the pillow ship with an insert?

All pillows shipped domestically come with 100% recycled polyfil insert.

2. How do I care for my product? Is it washable?

Yes! alexandra ferguson pillows, travel cases, tote bags and table linens are all machine washable.

For pillows, be sure to remove the insert before washing via the zipper closure.  

The pillow cover, as well as travel cases and tote bags can be machine washed in cold water on the delicate cycle.  No bleach.  Line dry, and only use a low heat iron if necessary (the felt will melt under high heat).

For linen placemats and napkins, follow the same instructions with this nifty trick: iron them while they are still a little bit damp.  For placemats with felt applique, make sure to iron them ONLY from the backside so that the iron does not come in direct contact with the felt (or it will melt).  If you iron this way, you can use your iron on normal high heat setting.  By ironing them while they are a little damp, we find the wrinkles come out easily and the placemats look fantastically crisp.

Felt material is a matted fiber, and by it’s nature may pill over time.  What happens is that the fibers because loose, and with wear & tear / rubbing, they will ball up with each other.  We do have a couple of tips that you can try as simple maintenance:

  • Wash the cover - remove the insert and follow the wash instructions above.  We find that a lot of those loose fibers and some of the pilling will wash away during the cycle.  It won’t remove everything, but will give it a general sweep.  
  • For remaining pills, you can simply clip them off with a small pair of scissors.  
  • We don’t recommend using abrasive “sweater stones” - while these will very effectively and quickly remove all the existing pills, they will also loosen a lot of new fibers in the process.  So it will solve the problem short term, but make it worse in the long term.  Clipping with scissors is the gentlest way overall and can make the pillow look totally new again, and I’d recommend giving it a quick pass about once a month as general maintenance.
  • Finally, as a general rule of thumb, try to avoid any particularly abrasive activity on the felt surface such as vacuuming the pillow or letting it come in contact with velcro.  Not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy it as a comfy part of your couch, but be aware of anything that might be exacerbating fibers coming loose.

3. This is a gift—do you offer any special wrapping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any gift-wrapping—we can however, include a card. Just leave us a note detailing what you’d like the card to read.

4. How quickly can I get my pillow?

Please allow one week for us to process your order and prepare it for shipping. We ship via UPS ground, so once it is in transit it will take 1-5 days to get to you, depending on how far away you are from New York.

5. Can I expedite shipping?

If you need your order quickly, please be sure to send us an email at We will get back to you quickly to let you know the fastest that we can ship out.

6. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally!  International packages, including to Canada and Mexico, will be sent via USPS (regular post) and will include a tracking number.  Please note that import duties and VAT will vary by country, and will be due at the time of pick up.

7. Can you make a pillow that says…?

Yes, we do a lot of custom!  You can find a lot of "plug and play" custom options here for immediate ordering.  Or for your own phrase, write to us at and we will guide you through the process.

8. Can I get a pillow in a different color?

Yes, custom colorways are always welcome—just select a pillow of your desired style and leave us a little note in the “message to seller” box detailing the base and lettering color. If you are ordering a custom colorway, please allow an additional 2 weeks for us to make your pillow before shipping.

9. I have a blog and would love to feature alexandra ferguson pillows. What is the next step?

There is so much pillow love out there, and we are so grateful to all the writers, editors and bloggers who feature our work everyday. To that end, we want to make sure that we can shout you from the rooftops! If you would like to feature one of our products, please send an email to - make sure to tell us which product(s) you want to highlight, where it will be featured and when you want it to go live.

10. I have a store and want to carry alexandra ferguson. How do I set up a wholesale account?

Check our our "to the trade" page. Then send us an email at with your store information and we will get you set up with your order.  You can also reach us by phone at (718) 788-7768.

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